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missing my brother in bihar naam roshan kumar from katihar - reported by
Got scammed by false "computer technician". Blocked my Visa (they were not paid) Then I got a text msg that I received a refund from bellmobility {whch could not be true beccause I do not deal with bell} in a form of e-transfer and to deposit it to my account. Deleted the text. - reported by Peter
Disturbing - reported by femin
Position kahan hai stit find sfjzsyjv h ugh HK he df hgdhhvfcghh - reported by Raj
Pls my number all call details pls give me - reported by Pranab kumar tewary
This number sending a porn videos and abusing language used - reported by Raju
9406348891 please call me - reported by Ranjeet Kumar soni
9406348891 please call me - reported by Ranjeet Kumar soni

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