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Hike Fake sms coming from this number. Please do not reply - reported by Neeraj
Want to know the owner of this mobile number ? - reported by Shailesh Jariwala
FROUD CALL,A girl called and said they are giving samsung mobiles in 75% off,also said they are from samsung.. please check and help us ,as already ,about 200 peoples complaint about this within this month in the siite - reported by Prateek Rajak
i lost my phone 2days ago. it's a Lava captain N1 mobile. - reported by ankit prajapati
All phone calls, phone contact, all sms etc - reported by Kriti Pathak
Phone contacts all details of all past 6 month urgently it's very important - reported by Aditya
It's my husband no, who unable to find. Kindly let m know where his location now pl its very urgent - reported by
Kindly provide the current location its my husband no, I'm unable to trace him its very urgent pl help m, - reported by anju sharma

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