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Not picking up phone it telling that phone is buzzy - reported by Chintu
Some body phone me about my ATM details recovery frod people please aidantyfai mobile number person. - reported by Rooparam mistry
This number person is missing so track and conduct to this number 9159888421 - reported by Saran
Called late night and asking are you alone or anyone next to you. - reported by J
miss call - reported by jayan
I lost my phone . Now its switched off. Model Is vivo 1601 , color : space gray - reported by Gananjay borkar
Mai is number ko nahi janta lekin mere 9935300005 is par 1 week se bahut call aa rahi Mai paresan ho gaya hu plz iska details hame provide kare - reported by ASHISH SHUKLA
Best person i have ever seen and very good - reported by someone

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