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Please my mobile no par call me and you by using Paytm castumer - reported by Ravinder Kumar
Dear sir/madam, from this number a call coming today and said I am from home shop n u are win a safari car so Pl submitted registered fee 6500 n your car is delivered on 26 Jan 2017 n home shop I'd on homshop is my wife name I. E. Poonam sings. When I call u homshp number than clear this is fraud this is not cleared number from home shop. So Pl do necessary action. - reported by Satosh kumar sinha
Lost my phone - reported by Sheldin
Paravada Visakhapatnam Andhrapredesh 531021 - reported by Gidkgjj
I have lost my cell and when my grandfather was passing by the theft has threatened - reported by
The person of this Mobile No-9097049648 is vexing at call on my family no-8877993570 many time . please support or close this no - reported by BITTU TIWARI
Lost my mobile - reported by nandjee yadav
I don't want in cast of characters and the Two Strings I don't know what to do it again and again and - reported by Ravi Jamthe

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