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Ddghjkooffsfhklmvxzzsgjncxzagkkvxzafhkbx - reported by Xfghh
My phone is theft four days ago. Trace our phone no. and Any info received pse inform me - reported by Paritosh Kumar choudhady
Gaghvhay - reported by hariom
Hello sir actually I lost my phone nd i want to know locate my phone bcz its switched on 3 times after i lost... So can you help me.? Contact me via : 7666605343 or [email protected] - reported by Santosh dangodra
Dog Adoption Scammers They go by the name Golovin Evegeny & Pavin Chilakala. They tell people they are missionary from USA now residing in Lucknow. In the name of giving a pet they will rip you off causing delay, health fees, quarantine etc but at the end you will never receive a dog. It's a viscious cycle until you stop paying. They are cheats who will play with pet living people's emotions & steal all your money you would be transferring. Beware ! They will leave you with a sore experience. - reported by Babin
Scam text messages being sent with phishing links - reported by
i havw post the nmobile please find the location of it - reported by
Wanted - reported by niket sawant

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